Built and Ready to go

Though the detailed manual made the assembly of the Skywatcher 130PM seem more complicated, it really was simplicity itself. The manual is very detailed with a very useful exploded diagram with all the parts labelled.

So I sat down this afternoon in the conservatory with plenty of room (and the two dogs asleep, so no disturbances!) to work. The telescope is well packed and within an hour I’d got all the parts assembled together, balanced and a rough understanding of what each thumb screw adjusts. Knowing which one is best to adjust what angle will come with practice.

Even though it was late afternoon, I was dying to try the ‘scope out, so I grabbed the assembly and carried it outside up the back garden.

Note: this is heavy (16kg) and unless you’re pretty tall, you are recommended to assemble it outside at the point of location.

Out came the two supplied lenses, the barlow lens and surprise addition, a moon filter! ‘First light’ was focused the coping stone tiles on a neighbours roof (a couple hundred feet away); during ‘observations’ a fly landed on the top of the tiles, which could be seen clearly and in focus. Satisfied that I’d got some sort of a result and happy changing the eyepieces, I transported the ‘scope back to its resting place. Hopefully the weather will be kind and there will be clear skies soon!

A note about ‘RA’ and ‘Dec’… I’ve been trying to get my head around how it all works. I’m taking the attitude of learn by using the ‘scope, instead of trying to understand what the equitorial plotting system is all about, straight from the book.

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