Skyfire for S60

Here’s a good test; updating the blog directly within the Skyfire browser, on the E71. First impressions of rendering quality are good, though the ‘busy’ icon does sit in the top right hand corner spinning around a bit too much for my liking. Perhaps thats down to the current 3G speed in my area.

Also looked at, was Digia’s @Web browser, but unfortunately thats only available for S60 5th edition and Maemo (Nokia N810 etc) devices, so that counts out my E71 3rd edition device.

It should be noted however it is worth reading the Skyfire T&C’s – I wonder how much data is collected about your browsing session and used for targeting ad’s? We’ll see…

December 2010/January 2011 Update Skyfire have stopped the proxy-based service for Symbian as of 31st December 2010 – please see my latest blog for details at:-


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