To Motor or not to Motor

Something I’ve failed to mention in setting up my Explorer 130PM telescope is that even though it was supplied with a motor drive (hence the ‘M’ in the model name), I haven’t fitted it to the scope yet.

Why? Whilst I was settling up the ‘scope I thought it would be easier simply not to attach it, whilst I learnt how to use the controls. I found that during my last observing session, I could use the manual controls (R.A. And Dec fine adjustments) to pan around the sky looking for interesting sights. I moved the scope and generally got a feel for how to alter the angle of the EQ2 mount with relative ease.

I don’t think I would have been able to look around the sky as easily if I had the motor drive attached. However, the plan is to fit it at a later date, to take into account the movent of the Earth for long exposures as it will be useful if I can get a digital camera attched to the eye piece. I have seen some results (not necessarily with the same ‘scope) taken of the moon with a camera phone and they aren’t bad.

I’m hoping for some decent weather now that the moon is back in phase, so I can get the ‘scope out and capture some good views of craters and the surface of the moon.

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