Nokia Messaging

Even though I’m happy with the built-in Nokia E71 email application, combined with the Yahoo Go! and Gmail applications, I’ve heard so much hype about the new Nokia Messaging service, I decided to give it a try. It offers up to 10 email accounts to access, from ‘thousands’ of service providers. What the hell, it was worth a go.

I went to and entered in my Gmail account details, as my trial account for the new service. A link was provided to download the .sisx installer which came in at about 2Mb.

I ran the installer and added another email account (for another well-known service provider). These picked up the latest emails, but the problem started when I tried to configure an email account that is provided via the hosting company that I use. Even though the account/SMTP etc settings are correct, Nokia messaging will not download any emails. This seems because Nokia messaging uses some sort of pass-through server to pull the account from. If the account is not on one of the providers that the application supports, you’re out of luck.

This is really of limited use to me; I can live without HTML messaging, as long as I can get the text contents, I’m happy.


Another quirk is that the installer drops a couple if oddly (ie. not friendly) named applications into the installations folder.

Messaging Icons

This took me a while to work out as Nokia Messaging does not (thankfully) replace the built-in email applications and are still accessible.

Where to from here? As there are applications already available that serve my other email accounts and the built-in application works with my hosted email, I think I’m going to be dumping Nokia Messaging until support improves hopefully soon.

A nice-looking product that shows lots of promise, but needs more support for email providers other than mainstream providers.


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