Bits and Pieces

Lots of short mentions in this post, so I’ll jump right in.

My subscriber copy of ‘Sky at Night’ magazine has arrived and I’ve read it death already. Useful stuff:- Jupiter observing tips, astro photographer of the year results, observing forms for the planets to print. Will hit the newstand on Thursday the 22nd of September.

I’ve ordered the special offer kit from Optical Vision Ltd, where if you buy a Skywatcher telescope you can order (in a carry case) a complete starter kit of lenses, red light torch and filters. It has to be ordered within four months of purchase of the telescope, so I’m hoping for delivery very soon!

In a previous post I waffled about the ultimate mobile browser. In the past week or so I’ve upgraded two on my E71; Skyfire and Opera Mini.

Skyfire has reached version 1.1 and there is a noticeable improvement in speed. A difference I’ve found with it is that on a ‘live’ website that updates in realtime, Skyfire handels it fine. This was useful when tracking the ISS (see my latest post below).

Opera 5 Mini Beta – only just installed it, first impressions very good, very fast rendering of webpages except for one major annoyance. Because its written in Java, there seems to be a major omission in that you cant copy and paste from the system clipboard. Therefore getting web addresses from Gravity (the S60 Twitter client I use) is a no-no… Along with anything else stored on the clipboard. Hopefully there is a workaround hidden somewhere, or it will be added in a full release.

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