More bits for the Telescope

As mentioned in my last post, I’d ordered an accessory kit of extra lenses and filters for my Explorer 130 telescope. The parcel arrived today and very impressive it is!

Sorry, no sad unboxing video (!), just a simple pic of the aluminium case and its contents:-


The kit comprises of four long-relief lenses (2mm, 5mm, 15mm and a 20mm), four filters (blue, amber, neutral and moon), a red LED torch in a lockable case. The kit has a quality feel to it. The lenses are glass, so no cheap stuff here. The bit that seems to be missing is an instruction manual, as described in the advert. I’m not too bothered about this as details how to use the kit can be sourced elsewhere and of course the advert does say the offer can be changed at any time.

Edit: I’ve since noticed that the guide in the advert is the same as the user guide that is supplied with the instruction manual for the telescope. OVL have obviously changed their policy with which kit the guide is supplied with and makes more sense to supply it with the ‘scope.

The 2mm and 5mm lenses should help in getting some excellent views of Jupiter, which is now above the horizon around 22.30hrs BST. Overall I think this is a good accessory kit which is great value at £69, half normal price having bought a Skywatcher telescope (proof of purchase has to be provided).

For more information, take a look at:-

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