Remote Locking Your Nokia E71

I came across this useful article on (link is here ) the other day, ‘how to remote lock your E71’. Useful in the respect that if you lose your E71 (or any other Symbian 60 phone), you can send a text message from another phone with a recognised code. On reception of that code, the phone locks itself and becomes useless. Only if the code is re-entered successfully, will the phone become unlocked.

I followed the instructions and sent the pre-defined lock code to the E71, from my other ‘backup’ phone, a Nokia 6680. As expected, the phone immediately locked and would not work without me entering the correct code. Satisfied my phone was now secure, I simply left it at that.

However, I have got into the habit of leaving my phone on overnight, spolit my the E71’s fantastic battery life. I was only when I came to switch the phone off to check the availability of a new firmware upgrade by looking at the operator model code insdie the phone, that I found a problem.

Because I usually install new aplications to the 8Gb MicroSD card, the theme that I had installed didn’t load. An application to display a wallpaper full screen hadn’t loaded and when I tried to access the MicroSD card through the file manager, I got a ‘Memory Card Corrupted’ message.

After a couple more reboots with no luck (and trying to access the via card via a card reader), I found that the phone would access the card if it was simply left for a short while, 5-10 minutes.

I did find that I could access the card via the USB cable, so I started backing up all the data from card, in case there was a big problem with it.

Completing the backup, I disconnected the cable and went to the S60 menu. When I tried to get card information, I was prompted for a password. This gave me an idea that the remote lock had an effect on the card and after a go with different passwords, I hit on the correct one and unlocked the card.

After I accessed a couple of programs and rebooted the phone, all is working ok now. The remote lock feature is still in use on the phone, but because I don’t keep any vital data on the MicroSD card and to save getting any more errors, the password is switched off on it.

The moral of this story? Simples – by all means us the remote lock feature, but be careful of enabling it on your memory card, you may get unexpected results.

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