Experiments with CHDK for the Canon S2IS

Over the past few days I’ve been mucking around with CHDK (Canon Hackers Development Kit) for my digital camera and a couple of scripts I downloaded from the CHDK website. One in particular, the ‘ultra-intervalometer’ is proving to be particularly fun.

I’ve been trying to catch the weather when its clear for some low light photography, unfortunately its been too cloudy early evening and I’m still to get a decent opportunity to get some low-light shots that I can try with Registax, the astronomy image-stacking program.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to put together a 100-frame time-lapse animation of the sun setting. The images were saved as JPEGs and compiled as an AVI with the free ‘PhotoStage’ application from NCH. The camera was set to take a frame every 30 seconds, for a total of 100 frames. Because the camera was set up on a mini-tripod in an upstairs room, there is some reflection from the window which I’ll have to overcome in future ‘inside’ shots, possibly by angling the camera direction more.

The results can be seen by going to the following link…

Sunset time-lapse video

You’ll need Quicktime installed in order to play the video (MPG format).

Next? There is heavy snow predicted where I live in the next 24 hours so I think this will be a good opportunity for another animation.


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