Astronomy Round-Up

A collection of snippets from the world of Astronomy, I’ve found whilst holed up inside the house. The weather here in the UK has been a mixture of heavy snow and ice since the Christmas break and there has been no opportunities for observing the night sky. If it has been clear, I didn’t fancy the prospect of transporting my telescope kit outside with four inches of lying snow on the ground.

However, there is the prospect of the weather improving this weekend so fingers crossed.

Here are a few links to some intresting stuff I’ve across whilst browsing Twitter:

Near-Earth Asteroid Passes Earth at One-Third Distance of Moon on January 13th: (Found via @SpaceFlightNow)

Campaign to Protect Rural England Dark Skies Survey:
(Found via @astronomy2009uk)
I’ve taken part in this survey and if you have any sort of interest in looking up at the night sky, then please submit your experiences of light polution in the UK. It can all help to make a difference!

2010 Launch Schedule Forecast: (Found via @SETIInstitute)

Lets hope it is more accurate than the weather forecasts we have had in the past few days!

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