Bye-Bye N900, it was nice not ever knowing you

One of my first posts when I started this blog in August 2009 was tech-drooling over the Nokia N900. This was Nokias updated internet tablet based on the Maemo operating system.

There has been much written about the device elsewhere and I won’t try and compile it here. A lot of people like it, it looks to be Nokias future operating system in the shape of Maemo 5 and beyond, Maemo 6 in their high-end phones.

The tech-geek in me is always looking to the next device, above what I already have which is a Nokia E71. The N900 seemed to fit the bill, so I read up on the device and looked forward to getting my paws on one.

Last weekend, whilst out shopping, I noticed a sign advertising the N900 in stock at a Carphone Warehouse shop. Now I would never, ever purchase anything from Carphone Warehouse, I have had one bad experience with them which was enough and I got out of the contract I had with them as fast as I could, after the 12 months had expired. However, they have lots of shiny stuff on display to play with which I’m happy to oblige by leaving paw prints on.

So I sidled over and picked up the N900, first impressions are good, good slider action, lovely keyboard, though keys are slightly too small for my large fingers. It is quite a thick phone, but what was slightly disappointing was the screen size. I expected more, especially as you can have a large amount of information on the screen. I put the phone back before I got too hassled by the salesman that was lurking nearby.

Something else that has changed my opinion about the device is a review on the Phones Show Chat audio podcast, produced by Steve Litchfield and Tim Salmon. The podcast, episode 20, which can be found here said that the device was great for techies who want a cutting edge device that you dont mind getting stuck into the linux and programming side of things, but not something for the man on the street.

Having been involved with computers at quite a technical role for more than twenty years, I’ve never considered myself as a technophobe. However on hearing this in the podcast, I started to lose interest in the device. If I want to delve into the guts of something, I’ll build/obtain something for that purpose. However, a smartphone is something that I have reliability high on the priorities list. I dont want have to be delving into a file system or reflash the device every couple of days, in order to make a simple phone call.

As good as the N900 is, unfortunately I don’t think its a mainstream device yet. I’ll stick to the Symbian S60 series for the moment, or until the next wonder device comes along… ;o)

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