Email on Symbian 60

I’ve written about Nokia Messaging before and I’d deleted it from my E71 because for some reason it does not support my hosted email providers email service. Therefore I’d had to rely on the built-in email client that though functional, did not cut it as it does not support HTML email and I was missing out on a number of emails being presented in the right format.

A short while ago, I’d heard rumour that in forcoming firmware update that the old email client would be removed, replaced by Nokia Messaging (aka ‘NM’ from now on). Nice as it is, I was facing the prospect of losing the capability of accessing two email inboxes, replaced by immature software.

So’ Ive been on the hunt for an alternative email client that will suit my needs.

Profimail by Lonely Cat Games has apparently been around for a while and provides support for POP3 and IMAP4 mailboxes. The interface, though the default font (which can be changed) is small it has a clear layout.

There are a number of configuration options and set up of my hosted email addresses was easy and I downloaded the headers from my mailboxes.


ProfiMail supports HTML within the client itself and renders images and layouts pretty well. Mailbox accounts are pretty customisable where you can set it up to download headers before the body of the message (saving data charges), a data counter shows how much you have downloaded, default signatures can be set per mailbox and importantly, the application be protected via a password.

Though I’ve only installed ProfiMail today, I’m pretty impressed with the product so far. Its available on a 30-day full-featured trial, cost to purchase an license key is €20.50.

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