Chasing the International Space Station

After several attempts and waiting for the right opportunity, I finally maanged to get a couple of shots of the ISS as it passed overhead this evening.

Using my Canon S2IS digital camera, with CHDK (Canon Hackers Development Kit) loaded, I applied the following settings:-

ISO200, aperture value 16, length of exposure 32 seconds, save RAW image. Pointing west, I caught the first shot below; which I have had to apply some adjustments to the image to make the ISS ‘line’ in the image appear more prominent.

Click on each image for a larger version; time of day taken was 6.45pm. Stars were just starting to become visible in the evening sky.

For the second image I grabbed the camera and tripod and pointed it east, thankfully the ISS remained high in the sky for me to capture another image using the same settings. No post-processing was applied to this image as the sky was already a little darker.

Both images have been saved at 300dpi with 7% JPEG compression.


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