Converting Video using SUPER for the E71

One of the good things about modern mobile phones is their powerful processors and ability to play video. Despite it being pitched as a business ‘phone, the Nokia E71 is capable of video playback, within certain limitations.

To ensure that video will play back without problems, I have been using the ‘Super©’ video conversion application. This has a fantastic range of formats that will convert video files to and is completely free! The application can be downloaded from:

Because the E71 doesn’t have a massively fast CPU (369MHz), playback of video has to be converted into a lower frame rate that it can cope with. This needs to be 15 frames per second. I have produced a snapshot of the various settings that can provide an easy reference for converting video:-

I usually use this for converting ‘The Phones Show’ by Steve Litchfield ( video podcast, to a suitable MP4 file for use on the E71, as the file is too demanding on the CPU. Thats the one thing I miss about my N95 classic, you could throw most MP4 video files at it and they would play without conversion.

Can’t have everything I suppose! ;o)


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