Astrophotography with the Canon SX20 Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post, now I’m back off holiday I’ve compiled my photos from the SX20 and as per the images below, are some of the results.

Below is a cropped shot of the region around Cassiopeia, the full image (see link – 4000 x 3000 res) also shows (if you look hard enough) M31 in the lower right hand side of the image.

Link to full size image:-

SX20 Cassiopeia / M31

Image Details: ISO800, f4, 15 second exposure.

The next shot shows the Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31) at about 10x optical zoom:-

Full size image link:-

SX20 Messier 31

… noticeable at this level of zoom, even though the camera settings haven’t changed, are the star trails. Image details:- ISO1600, f5, 15 second exposure.

Overall, even though there is a level of noise in the SX20’s images, it is substantially better than the S2IS’s, which is very pleasing to see.


2 thoughts on “Astrophotography with the Canon SX20 Part 2

  1. Hi there, just wondering how did you attach the sx20 to your Telescope? I haven’t read your other posts yet, going to check later if you have a thread on how it was done, but if not, that would be great. I also have an sx20is and recently installed CHDK on it, so I want to try some astro, but with shorter exposures stacked on top of each other and aligned to try get more detail and less noise.

    • Hi Eric, at the moment I simply use either a normal photographic tripod and ‘aim’ the camera at the right place in the sky. Alternatively, I use the standard camera adapter that is part of one of the securing rings on the EQ2 mount. That way I can point the camera at the same object I’m looking at through the telescope. However, that method limits the camera to its maximum focus range. I’ve got a Baader Clickstop adapter, which will allow me to afocally attach the camera to see into the eye piece, I haven’t got around to trying this out properly yet. However, I’m writing some articles so I hope to detail this very soon.

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