Skyfire for Symbian – Retirement

I’ve previously written about Skyfire for Symbian as a very good quality web browser for the Symbian platform, displaying some website content which other web browsers couldn’t, such as live webcam updates. However the proxy-based web browser remained at version 1.0 for some time and on the Skyfire blog, it was announced that the company was withdrawing support for platforms that used the proxy-based service, namely Symbian and Windows Mobile from the 31st of December 2010. This withdrawl applies to countries that have had access to the service since the service was reduced earlier in the year, namely which includes at least the UK and the USA.

This is a real shame as the Skyfire browser, though a little slower than say Opera Mobile or Symbian Web, did give that almost desktop like browsing experience. The company seems to be concentrating more on the Apple and Android markets and have released recent updates for the browser for those platforms.

Personally, it will not make a much of an impact as I tend to use Opera Mobile 10.1 as my main browser on my Nokia E71. The only time I would refer to Skyfire was if there was a site I couldn’t view properly and so loaded up Skyfire.

Therefore, in preparation for the closure of the service in a couple of days time I shall be uninstalling the application later today which will free up a little memory in my over-worked E71.

Bye, bye, Skyfire its been fun knowing you.

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