UK Star Count 2011

Though this post is aimed at UK visitors, I hope it may be of use to other people from outside the UK highlighting the problem of light pollution.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and Campaign for Dark Skies (CfDS) are asking people to join in a ‘Star Count’ to help highlight the problem of light pollution. Light pollution is an ever-growing problem due to inconsiderate use of lighting at night, which takes away the fantastic views of the night sky, not just for astronomers, but for everyone.

The CPRE event, which is taking place this week (31st January to Sunday 6th of February), is a simple survey where people are asked to count the number of stars within a rectangle of Orion’s four main corner stars on a clear night. The less number of stars you can count, the greater the chance that light pollution is the cause.

I’d encourage everyone to take part in this survey, which will also help to find out which parts of the country have the darkest skies.

The event details can be found at:-

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