Nokia E71 – Version 501 Firmware

I’ve had this post in production hell for some time and thought I’d better get the snapshots added so the article can be posted. It relates to my Nokia E71 that I sold off to O2 Recycling back in March, but before I got rid of it, I upgraded the firmware.

I’d been aware that there was an upgrade available for some time, but because I’d got a stable set of software, I decided to leave it. It would have mean’t that I’d have to load everything back on, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Anyway, once I’d backed up my phone and checked that I’d copied over all the useful ‘stuff’ to my new C7-00, I set to work on the E71. In difference to the last upgrade I performed for version 400, I made sure I gave the phone a hard reset using the code on the phone dialler *#7370#. The problem I had last time is that the upgrade process appeared to lock up part way through, something I was keen to avoid.

However, the hard reset seemed to take a very long time and after some minutes, the phone had not come back on. It would not even respond to the pressing of the power button.

What I am not sure of, is if this is normal behaviour. A fail-safe for this type of problem is to remove the battery for about a minute, reinstall it and power the phone back on, which it dutifully did.

I also removed the MicroSD memory card before the E71 was powered on, as I’d got some applications installed to it and didn’t want them to load on power up. Once the E71 was back on, I connected it up to my laptop using the CA-101 USB cable and started PC Suite. The software updated checked online and the version of firmware available was reported back as 501.21.001 (10th of August 2010). I started the firmware upgrade and expcted a long wait). However, the firmware upgrade was completed in less than 5 minutes and the E71 when running, was reporting its new firmware version.

So what is new? Not a huge amount (I don’t have a change log handy) that is immediately noticeable to the end user, though Ovi Maps is now updated to v3.03 and is labelled as ‘Ovi Maps Lite’, which reflects the extra-content-less version of the application which was provided some time ago when it was announced that Ovi Maps was being made ‘free’ for a number of devices. Kudos should go to Nokia for supporting older devices with facilities such as Ovi Maps, years after they were released.

I have also noticed some new ‘IBM Lotus Notes Traveller’ icons appearing, though having never used the application I can’t say what the improvements or differences are.

Overall, the update is worth doing to keep your E71 update and performing at its best. Since I originally drafted this post, I believe there has been another minor update (v502?) to the E71’s firmware.

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