Symbian Anna Update

The long-awaited Symbian ^3 Anna update was posted worldwide on Thursday the 18th of August by Nokia, making it available to operator and non-operator branded handsets. The update is available for all the Symbian ^3 handsets that currently do not ship with the update out of the box. This includes the N8, C7 and C6.

I gave it a couple of days before taking the plunge and updating my C7. Though the update can be applied OTA (over the air), it is highly recommended that it is applied via a desktop PC with Ovi Suite as it has to be installed in three steps and is nearly 300Mb in total. It is recommended that Ovi Suite is updated first, the check for updates once the phone is connected. I would recommend taking a backup of the phone settings first.

The main part which updates the firmware to v22 is applied first. This takes approximately 20 minutes to apply, the phone is rebooted and the Symbian Anna update is applied in two parts. This takes about 10-15 minutes in total.

Nokia should be commended in making the update process very seamless and easy to apply. Most noticeable differences are:

Portrait QWERTY keyboard (improved layout and split-screen)
New icon setNew web browser
Extra features in Calendar
Performance improvements
Font look and feel
Enabling NFC feature (C7 only)

All my key applications and data were retained during the update and there does not seem to be anything that ‘breaks’ because of the update. This includes ‘Gravity’, ‘Opera Mobile’ and ‘Opera Mini’, ‘Resco News’, ‘Alternate Reader’, ‘WordPress for Nokia’ and ‘Quick Office’ – the paid for version. Though I have my own Anna-based theme installed (giving a more transparent look) on the desktop, I did look at the new midnight themes – these lack colour and I went back to my old theme.

Overall though, a very worthwhile update which should be available to nearly all operators across the globe over the next few weeks.


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