Keeping Symbian^3 and the C7 Working at Top Speed

First of all, I’d like to wish all my visitors a very Merry Christmas. I’m currently writing this as I’m laid up in bed with a nasty cold and there is nothing to watch on telly. So, I thought I’d post a short article about a useful thing I’d discovered whilst using my Nokia C7-00.

I’d noticed recently that my C7 was getting slower and slower, especially when switching it on. It would take a matter of minutes before I could use applications within the phone ‘hanging’.

I took a look at what was ‘different’ in using the phone. I’d installed a number of applications to trisl and left them on the phone, to use ‘on a rainy day’. Thinking this would be agood place to start, I decided to have a purge on any necessary app’s and uninstalled anything that I didn’t need.

Once this was done, I rebooted the phone. Unfortunately, the performance was still the same. So, I looked at other areas of the phone and opened the messaging application. Because of the greater memory in modern phones, I’d become lazy in keeping track of my inbox/text messages and hadn’t deleted anything for a good while.

In total, I’d built up around 2,500 items, incuding sent and received SMS messages. I set about clearing everything that I didn’t need or want to keep. An easy target was the sent items folder, containing nearly 400 items. Once I’d had a clear out session, I’d reduced everything down to less than 400 messages. Another reboot… and hey presto the phone was working as quick as I’d first purchased it! Accessing the applications menu was much faster and generally the phone was much more responsive.

The moral to the story? To keep your C7 (and the same probably applies to other Symbian^3 phones) working at an optimum speed, keep your messaging inbox and associated folders to a minimum number of items as possible. Have a regular clear out and delete any messages you don’t want to keep.

Happy holidays and have fun!

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