About DigitalWaterfalls

Whats all this Digital Waterfalls business then?

This is a blog containing my musings on a few of my interests; mobile technology and astronomy.

Mobile Tech…
I’ve worked in the field of computers for more than twenty years and seen quite a few changes. What gets me interested in the field of IT now is mobile tech. I’ve always loved computers that you could put in your pocket and take anywhere with you. I’ve owned a variety of kit since the late nineties and find the current happenings and volalility in the mobile marketplace much more interesting than the desktop market, which I feel has matured in the past few years. I’ve used Windows CE / Mobile devices, Palm PDA’s and Nokia smartphones (all the way from the 402, 3210, 7110, 6210, 6310i, 6680, N95, E71, C7-00, Lumia 820), current hardware is a Nokia Lumia 830 which I use for most day-to-day mobile tech and updating this blog. Updates and observations on this side of things will fit nicely in between the next part…

Astronomy and the Night Sky…
The astronomy side of things has only really come about when I decided to take it up seriously with the purchase of a telescope in August 2009, though I’ve always been interested in the subject since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and read huge amounts on the subject. However, I have a huge amount to learn; I have never got used to telescope basics and all that degrees and minutes business. Not having a telescope probably contributed to that though! This blog is a diary of that journey of learning a new hobby. Yes, it will detail some some obvious mistakes, some useless information (to more experienced readers of the blog), but at the same time it may help some others who may be starting the same way I am. I’m also using my digital cameras (Canon Powershot series) to take shots of the night sky, which is a nice link between the technology and astronomy bit.

What is Digital Waterfalls?
This is a moniker I’ve used since the late nineties as a vehicle to show off my digital artwork galleries, ever since the days of BBS’s. I got into raytracing and 3D art when I used to own an Atari ST and progressed onto more and more powerful PCs over the years. I’m currently linking this blog and the Digital Waterfalls (DW for short) websites together; the DW site is more static, updates appear when new artwork is completed, the DigitalWaterfalls blog is updated as much as I can, real-life allowing!

The Digital Waterfalls Gallery can be found at:- www.digitalwaterfalls.co.uk

In short, thats it! No hidden agenda or grand design, just musings and entries of some things I’m interested in; hopefully any visitors will find some of it worth reading and some perhaps helpful in some way.

Thanks for visiting Digital Waterfalls!

I can be contacted at:-

I can also be followed on Twitter at @digitalwtrfalls.

The graphic on the header bar is one of the first images I took with the Nokia Lumia 830, I loved the gentle depth of colour so I decided to use it here.

2 thoughts on “About DigitalWaterfalls

    • Hi Michael,
      thanks for getting in touch, that’s quite a tall order! Unfortunately my skills aren’t quite that good, however to give you some sort of idea of what I have done in the past, take a look at my gallery at http://www.digitalwaterfalls.co.uk . I don’t get to do as much digital art nowadays, but try and do what I can along with my night sky photography.
      All the best, Steve

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