More Power!

…is one of Jeremy Clarksons favourite sayings on the TV series Top Gear. However, its something that todays smartphone batteries are always in need of and there never seems to enough. My Lumia 820 has a 1650MAh exchangeable battery, which I had to buy a replacement after about 14 months of ownership as the original battery was losing performance quite rapidly. When I was using the device heavily, I could end up topping up the juice three times a day. Which is why upgrading to a Lumia 830 and its 2200MAh is a revelation in only needing to top the device up once a day, so far.

However, I want to get a reasonable estimation of what the battery life is like in daily use, from full to nearly zero. I’ve been carefully topping it up since I had the phone by either charging it up on the wireless charging plate over night or via the MicroUSB connection during the day. So I’m going to run a battery endurance test this weekend, starting from when the battery app said that it was fully charged (1.15pm today) and I’ll note roughly what I use it for and how long it lasts.

Friday 23rd January
Some 4G data usage late afternoon (Twitter, Google Maps), approx 15 minutes use and some texting. About 40 minutes playback of a podcast via the 3.5mm headphone socket. Data use on wifi during the evening lasting about a hour in total.

I’m going to shut the phone down over night so I can get some ‘proper’ use from it during Saturday (for the record, 67% battery level at 11.30pm) – I’ll post the results here tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Update – Saturday 24th January
I switched the phone on at 9am and ran it on wireless internet for approximately an hour reading RSS feeds, Twitter and news apps. This ran down the battery to 48% at 12pm, I then went out for the afternoon (switching off the wireless) taking approx 20 photos using Nokia Camera and Panorama, with some occasional texting and using HERE maps. Back home with some more internet access (on wireless) for about 20 minutes and then out and about during the early evening (with only occasional use of the phone). This eventually caused the battery monitor to hit 10% capacity at 8.15pm. The phone finally started to splutter at 8.50pm with 5% battery left.

I then plugged the 830 into my Proporta Pocket Power straight in at 8.50pm, which charged the device up to (with no use) 17% in 40 minutes, from full to completely exhausting the Pocket Power (which is rated at 680MAh.

Total running time for the phone switched on performing all these day-to-day functions is 22 and a quarter hours (near enough), which I reckon is pretty damn good. I think I’ll have to purchase an extra battery sometime in the future, simply because the number of recharge/discharge cycles will run the total capacity down, like my Lumia 820, but having the flexibility of swapping the battery out gives me that option. Top marks to Nokia for including a phone with this feature in the Lumia range!