Filtering out the Brightness

As mentioned in my last post, I tried out the lens filters during Saturdays observations that were supplied as part of the accessories kit. There are four; a moon filter, a neutral density filter, an amber filter and a blue coloured filter. I guess these were chosen for the accessories kit because they are probably the most common types you are likely to use.


Because there was no sign of the moon, I didn’t bother with trying out the moon filter. Targeting Jupiter, I fitted the neutral density filter to the bottom of the 5mm lens, using the screw-type attachment. The lens then fitted into the telescope eye-piece as usual as the filter is flush with the lens.

This actually produced reasonable results, where the dark bands of Jupiters atmosphere could be seen with a little more clarity. The other coloured filters were of less use though. The blue filter only seemed to make the edge of Jupiters disc appear with a blue tinge, but not much for the surface features. The amber filter really did nothing at all, simply turning Jupiter and its moons into several traffic-light blobs. I’m sure the blue and amber filters will be useful, I just haven’t found the correct usage yet.

Now that the moon is starting to climb higher in the sky earlier in an evening now, the next main target to try with the ‘scope is the moon.

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